The Fallen God is a modern version of the story of Tristan and Isolt, the 12th. century tale of love that can be considered as one of the original romances that gave rise to the songs of the troubadours in the Middle Ages all the way to the famous opera by Wagner in modern times.

Michael Chaplin skillfully recounts the plight of Marc, Isolt’s husband who, in other versions that focus on the ill fated affair between the two lovers, is a secondary character in the background of the drama taking place. As the Fallen God unfolds, we follow Marc in his descent into his own darkness as the woman he loves betrays him for another.

The loss of Isolt results in an emotional and spiritual collapse in which lie the very seed of self-discovery. The wound that Marc bears is precisely what heals him.

Through this traditional love story Michael Chaplin has managed a subtle exploration of modern man’s desperate and unsuccessful attempt to hold onto his pride and manhood in the face of total humiliation, only then to realize that the macho values with which he struggles can give way to something more authentic, his heart.

© 2013 by Michael J. Chaplin