Michael is a British actor, producer and writer.

He is the author of A Fallen God,  a novel which he has been working on

for the past 8 years and which he has now just completed.

Michael started acting at a very early age appearing on screen along with Charlie Chaplin in "Limelight" (1952) and in "A King in

New York (1957).

As a young adult, Michael attended Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art in London, but discovered that acting was not his vocation. He then contributed to write "I couldn't smoke the grass on my father's Lawn" in 1966. At this time Michael was very much influenced by Jazz music and eventually developed an everlasting passion for the guitarist Django Reinhardt and the whole school of Gypsy Jazz that followed in his wake.
In the late 60's in London he fell in love with the beautiful model and artist painter Mrs Patricia Betaudier, daughter of the renowned caribbean painter Patrick Beteaudier. They got married and have 5 children together. He also has two son's from a previous marriage.

After living 12 years in London they chose to resettle in the south of France  to restore an old sheep farm where they raised their children along with a herd of 30 goats on a small parcel of land.

In 2011 Michael participated in producing his daughter's first film "Tryst In Paname" and the New york stage performance directed by Stany Coppet "From Slavery To Freedom". In 2013 he produces The Caravan's Trail, Chaplin Untold Story, a documentary film about the Gypsy heritage of his father, Charles Chaplin.

He now resides near Vevey Switzerland not far from the Manoire de Ban once owned by Charles Chaplin and Oona Chaplin, which is currently being transformed into a museum.

Picture by Roch Armando

© 2013 by Michael J. Chaplin